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Sierras Edge Pictures is a premiere film production company located in the Reno area. We strive to bring back to films, the techniques lost in the early years of films, rather than covering everything with CGI and presenting Hollywood standard shots that you see in every movie. We focus on strong stories and interesting characters and old camera techniques. In the vein of  Alfred  Hitchcock, Jean  Cocteau, Fritz  Lang,  F  W  Murnau,  Robert Siodmak, Jacques Tourneu, James Whale and Tod Browning, to name a few.


We at Sierras Edge Pictures believe that we don't have to create an original story to make a film. There are so many tales already written that scream from the past to be made into films. God knows we don't need anymore films made with a lot of T & A and bloody gore. We strive to make your skin crawl and keep you up with haunted, restless sleep for months to come.  


Sierras Edge Pictures are creating a string of short films by Authors of the early 1900's such as H P Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, M R James, W W Jacobs, Oliver Onions, Samuel Taylor Colridge, E F Benson, Walter de la Mare, William Hope Hodgson, August Derleth as well as more modern authors such as Ramsey Campbell and myself Philip Reyth.

We are calling this string of shorts: The Eldritch Cycle: Lovecraft Theater


Out now on YouTube bellow!


Upcoming Event!!!!!:

The Tennessee Independent Horror Film Festival in

Nashville, TN October 31st Featuring the Film Trailer:

"The Promise" and the short film: "The Break-In"


 Upcoming Projects: 

In production: Due out in Summer 2009: "The Promise" A short story by Algernon Blackwood titled "Keeping his Promise" A struggling student determined to pass, receives an unexpected guest late at night. An old friend keeping his promise: Best friends till the end... Friends forever... This will be a Triple feature with our own short short stories "The Break-In" by Brandon Chessher & Philip Reyth. A man asleep at his office, a gunshot, a thief, a struggle, a death, a realization... a poltergeist.  An interesting spontaneous short short film made in the style of Sam Raimi's original "Evil Dead" & "The Sixth Sense"  also... "An Eldritch Epitaph" by Philip Reyth. A confession of a sin told from beyond the grave. An old friend while writing a ghost story for his society's annual meeting is given inspiration from a deceased friend. A tale of sins from the past haunting a friend's present life.


Due out in the summer of 2009: "The Old Man" A short short story by H P Lovecraft titled "The Terrible Old Man" A mysterious old sailor who pays with gold coins is the object of three robbers profession. Their end is mysterious and shocking. This will be a double feature with "Rats" based on a short story by M R James. 


Due out in the Fall of 2009. "The Music of Erich Zann", a story by H P Lovecraft, of creeping atmosphere and surreal inspirations to a mute violinist, haunted by music from beyond, with an imaginative twist at the climactic ending. "Pacific 421" a short short by August Derleth of the same title. A man living in the shadows of a mean stepfather's abuses. Revenge is taken on a haunted stretch of railroad track.   


Due out in 2010. "Edge of Redemtion", a story of the old west, gunfighters, greedy miners, regrets of past wrongs, ghosts, family curses, supernatural phenomenons, strange characters, death, revenge, redemption, love and an enigmatic Preacher make for a twist on the old genre: Westerns. 

"The Beckoning Fair Ones" based on a story by Oliver Onions, "The Monkey's  Paw" &  "The  Interruption"  based on the stories by W W Jacobs. "The Other Wing by Algernon Blackwood and "The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare.  Once we have enough money for creatures and some CGI, we will make: "The Colour from Out of Space" & "From Beyond" by H P Lovecraft, "The Wendigo" & "The Willows" by Algernon Blackwood, "The Derelict" by William Hope Hodgson & "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "The House on the Borderlands" by William Hope Hodgson, "Whistle and I'll Come Back to You" by M R James and "Caterpillar" by E F Benson, 

Sierras Edge Pictures Federal Tax ID# (EIN:26-2043579) We are members of The Better Business Bureau:  #90006384.

We are working on this site in our free time. If you are interested in helping on the ground floor of this new production company in the Reno area, then please E-Mail Brandon & Phil at: and/or donate via PayPal below and let us know what you think. ***No Spam Please!!!!***


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